Revenge is best served with a little help from Nolan Ross.

That is a very random picture. I laughed out loud for a full minute. It one of the most random picture in the history of random pictures. And that includes the picture of a panda taking a dump in Tiergarten Schönbrunn.

And I don’t think it is misleading that work is the thing we write the most about. It is. When we write about we just do it to bitch about it. So yeah, we are lazy, lying children – that reminds me of one of my favorite recappers on TWoP who calls the Winchester boys from Supernatural “lying liars who lie.” See we could be worse, we are just liars –  who hate our jobs. Or at least find them annoying enough to tell the world about how we feel about it. Also I would not call us liars per say, just that we have a tendency to bend the truth. A little. 

Okay, that reminds me that I am behind on watching Supernatural – which is starting to turn into a guilty pleasure show for me, because the storylines have been so lame in last few seasons, but it is CW boys, how can I resist?! And speaking of television. Is Revenge the first show I need to see when I come back to London tomorrow? I think it is because I am going into Nolan withdrawal!

Much better. Even though I don’t find him all that attractive he is just such a brilliant character. A same these photos can’t talk. I would embed a video, but I’m at work so no YouTube – and you know I would end up watching at least an hour’s worth of clips. Okay, I’ll stop my fangirl moment.

And I don’t hate Michael Jackson per say. I hate the self-righteous crap that is Man in the Mirror. Also I prefer his older stuff. Jackson Five and Thriller.


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