Things I’ve discovered.

I thought you loved MJ? Apparently not.

With this new layout of our blog I have been rummaging through some odd places on our blog and hence found that the most used tags – with each five times use – are “work” and “truth” which I find disturbingly misleading. Also “grown-up” has been used with one of our posts four times, another misleading tag. So I petition that we now onwards are slightly more careful with our tags. I am not sure we target our tags enough to our audience since people searching for those terms will be utterly disappointed when stumbling by our blog. We are more lazy, lying children than working, truthful grown-ups. Right?

Another one of my findings is not so much a finding as a fact I have been aware of previously but yet is to better. You have at this point posted:

  • 1 video
  • 3 print screens
  • 1 picture (Even one of yourself.)
  • Several lovely embedded links to our favourite hunks (Sorry for the word choice.)

My list is slightly shorter:

So from now on I promise (see above on lying) that I will be better at posting interesting, fun, factual and absolutely useless pictures, videos, print screens and much more.


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