I called dibs…

… and won! Not that you really lose by getting Ryan Gosling; I just win because I was faster and I just saw in writing that you accepted my double deal! So I’m happy – no it does not take much at the moment because I am leading a rather pathetic life.

LOVE the links!

Yoda is meditating in a cardboard box in the garage. It is in no way leaving him, not like Bisgaard left him! meditation is good, though maybe six months of meditation is slightly overdoing it. But I’ not rummaging through all of those boxes to find him – though I am pretty sure the box actually says “Yoda” in big fat red letters – because there are too many and it is finally staying put out there.

He should have a box like this.

I probably shouldn’t make any plans for the summer either. I am not entirely sure that good work ethics is to begin a job at a brand new hotel by taken time off from work – though I have yet to get that job – but I will (I must). So I can start having a real life. I feel more pathetic by living with my parents at the age of 24 than I would by living alone with 24 cats! This is so not how I thought my life would be. And how come everyone else seem to have it all figured out! I’M the person who has everything figured out, I’m the planner and the collected one who did all the extra credit work and has a brilliant mind and is absolutely loveable – and unemployed!

I would say FML, but really is it that bad? I’m alive and have amazing friends (though spread thin throughout the world), my new hair looks amazing and I have food on the table every day. How can I possible complain?


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