Have you met…?


How can you not love him?

I have. He is small, lovable and has a sign that says: Love me. Feed me. Never leave me. But I don’t know where he is at the moment. Is he in a box at your parents’ attic? Because I think he would consider that to be left. By us; his faithful friends or owners, well I guess technically Bisgaard owns him, but he left him to fend for himself in Vienna and that is just not nice. Bad Bisgaard. – I totally said that like I was a sheep. Now I thing something might be wrong with me.

Appropriate segue.

Anyway, Vienna. Yes! I so want to go. But I have so many different plans for this Summer and I have no idea where I’ll be from April, so maybe I should focus on that first. Life is hard you know. And I can’t believe I’m twenty-five and bitching about the hardships of my life. I’ve had an easy life. Such is the human condition.

Appropriate segue.

Speaking of the human condition and companionship. It is funny I can feel a difference in the way Amy and I relate to each other now she knows and I know that she knows that I might stop soon. Now I feel I can be friends with her where as before I felt that there were no way we would naturally be friends. Now we are sort of both letting the other peak at the human behind the work-related mask.

Inappropriate segue. 

And newly imported from many Twitter conversations: The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider ©™®patent pending:

Rikke: Ryan Gosling, Matt Bomer.

Diana: Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum.

There be links!


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