Is something wrong with me?

In reference to the headline I will ask: “Is something wrong with me”? – because I really do think that your post makes all the sense in the world. And where would we be if we did not find the colour yellow odd from time to time and if we did not remember Shakira from time to time? I believe we would be in a world of no LUDO and probably I wouldn’t find random song posts on my Facebook wall whenever you just remembered some random artist.

No lies, I just thought earlier this evening to ask you if you wanted to go to Vienna this summer! Would be great for you to find a job there. Would generally be cool to find a job anywhere in Europe!

And I will tell you – you are not the only one that finds your job rather bland – though mine is probably less bland than yours. This week I am spending most of my time listening to voice mails and trying to figure out other things to do than to call people up only to ask them if I can send them an e-mail (long live the bureaucracy, which is the sole reason I must call people up to ask permission to send them a freaking e-mail).

She looks exactly how I felt all day.

Set aside this rather bleak job-week I had two rather uplifting episodes at work today.

  1. My boss (finally) found out how awesome I am!
    We were just sort of hanging (referenced to the above other things to do besides using the phone) when suddenly my boss asks me a random question and after I answer her says:
    “I knew you would know that – you know everything”
    And that I do –  I DO know everything and I can’t believe that it took her all of three and a half week to figure that out.
  2. You wrote me and made me picture my middle-aged male colleague as an old woman! It was brilliant and unbelievably hard not to laugh out loud – so hard my eyes teared up – BRILLIANT it was!

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