How time management issues stole Christmas.

You know how you always think: Oh it is Christmas. I’m going to see my family and friends – all of whom I haven’t seen months and most of whom I have missed terribly. I don’t have to work for two weeks. I get to relax. And yet somehow Christmas ends up being just as stressful as normal time spend with family.

I love my family. Don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I want to knock them out just so I can get a couple of minutes of peace. It all started before I even landed in Denmark. My mom made tons of plans – okay, maybe just one or two gatherings, but still – and she sort of forgot to inform me of these plans even when she knew I wanted to see my friends – and I naively thought that would be okay since I would spend a whole week with half of the family on the Canary Islands and then most of the others would attend my dad’s birthday on the 21st which I totally included in my own time management that she would not feel the need to invite them over and promising my attendance before we left for Las Palmas, but oh how plans change.

I managed to derail half of her plans since I was not the only one of my friends who had time management issues over Christmas – I mean honestly who doesn’t have time management issues over Christmas? Some times it feels like the ninth circle of hell. And now as I am waiting to fly back to London a little sad – okay a lot sad – I feel like I managed to spend time with the most important people. Even making extra time for the real special ones. I’ve only missed two people during my frenzy holiday. Mette promised to visit me in London since she didn’t make it to Vienna a while back and we haven’t been on a trip since Praque in 2009  – gwad, that is just not acceptable since she is my original travel buddy. And Kuba and I missed each other by one day, but the next time I am in Denmark it is his birthday and I’ve promised to go straight from the airport to his place – I might make a pitstop or to be he doesn’t need to know that, right?

So even thought I have had a break from work and the constant stress I have still managed to overwork myself. Why?

Because I am a woman of the 21st century. We can do everything. Even blackmail.


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