Well, have you seen some of the blogs where the writers get book deals? I’m thinking we still have a chance even if we occasionally whine about missing each other. Also it is part of our charm.

Besides it is the internet, have you not seen all the crap that exists out there? We live in the oversharing information era: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Fourquare, blogs, LiveJournal, MySpace. We have made stalking and journal writing into an art form.

Said by Morten S. today after Morten K. called me to complain that my mom told him I was not at home when he wanted to surprise me with a visit: “If he was on Foursquare he would know that I was not at home.”

Also tomorrow we will meet with the other Kogle Ladies and exchange Christmas gifts. And hopefully play ludo. You are red. I’m green. Trine is yellow. Mai is blue. You will win. I’ll lose. Trine will come second. Mai will be third. And then no one will go to jail. Or at least we will only end up in jail for a year each