Same old song…

I do realise that other people will probably be fed up with our crappy “I miss you” posts by now so this is an attempt on my part to redeem us! Honestly, since when are we that pathetic?

– Don’t misunderstand me, I still miss you like crazy –

Well basically it all comes down to the fact that at the moment you are one of the very very few people that actually understand me. Most of the time I feel like one of those artists that aren’t really understood until they die; my art is just being me.

I’ve previously complained that sarcasm is a dying art form, and I really mean that. I love my life, I really do. I am so privileged to be born into a world where I have been given every opportunity I could imagine and I don’t have any real problems because I have roof over my head and I have food on the table every day. But I have begun believing in the saying ‘more wants more’…

I’ve had three absolutely AMAZING (I know CAPS LOCK isn’t a favourite, but here it was necessary.) years at University. I’ve built my own life that is all mine and about what I want to do – but I want to be with you and have amazing friends that get that I make mistakes and don’t judge me for them and who understand that I can laugh and then the second after I can cry for no apparent reason and still somehow you know why I do this. And I am so happy to be able to say that I actually do have such friends!!! The problem is that none of you are remotely close to me… I hate that I can’t jump on a plane and see you tomorrow and that I have to look forward to a date that is months in the future (Luckily it is no longer months but a mere few days).

I hate being misunderstand and I miss being amongst people that get me – and I miss other’s missing me and showing up at my door in the middle of the night.

I miss partying at school with people I don’t know. I miss blackouts and bitches who I hate. I miss BFUGG (this story will have to wait for some other time) and his friends skating through school at 3 AM. I miss Morten. I miss Trine panicking over Emil or just the party committee. I miss Dannie’s unbelievably annoying saying “everyone asks, but no one knows”. I miss all the things that I hated and frustrated me, because looking back I didn’t hate it I absolutely adored it. I miss everyone and everything and I want it back, but I know that can’t happen. Life just isn’t the same without it…

So I failed miserably in my attempt to redeem our coolness! Well better luck next time.


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