huacayamom or how I gathered information about alpacas and learned to love strangers on the internet.

You are so right; strangers are generally annoying and I hate them as much as you do. (Maybe less, but that is because you attract the weirdest people ever. Need I mention Paris? I thought not.) But there is one reason to love strangers. And that is when they are virtual strangers. Internet strangers are my friends. Internet strangers will make me smile and teach me things I didn’t need to know. The internet, my friend, is bloody brilliant!

Okay, so you are probably wondering what I’ve learned about alpacas and who this huacayamom is, besides a stranger from the internet. Well it all started this morning when I caught mention of alpacas on the BBC morning show – I still don’t know why they talked about alpacas – and then Amy and I got to discussing what an alpaca looked like (They look like a sheep had sex with a llama and left the llama to raise the child) and why you would breed them. (Going of the sheep reference I went with wool to knit stuff, Amy went with milk and we both agreed that people most likely ate them.)

And now the stranger comes into the picture. Because while stuck in Amy’s computer class the I decided to do some tweeting:

And then this happened:

So how can I not like this woman who apparently raises alpacas and then searches Twitter for alpaca mentions? It is impossible.

I can go on and on about the internet strangers that I love. You went through the list of people I follow on Twitter. There are numerous. But I am particularly fond of the ones that @reply when I mention them. It makes me smile when a stranger takes time to interact with me, but only online in the real world I would have walked away upon initial interaction if I deemed the person to be of no use to me.


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