… I am not a nice person. As you so nicely pointed out in your previous update.

It is not that I walk around insulting people on a daily basis, and I am very loyal to my friends. It is just that I don’t particularly like annoying strangers. You know the four-year-old kid in the supermarket on a random Thursday afternoon that screams at his mother that he WANTS this or that. Those are the people I dislike and are not nice to – sadly that is 80% of the population. Then we have another 15% that I just don’t interact with because they mind their own business and so do I so they never figure out whether I am nice or not. The last 5% are people I genuinely like and therefore is nice to. in these 5% there is a tiny margin of people that I would give my life for (that is you and Trine and Mai – just to give an example).

Today I was oh so lucky as to having to go to the pharmacy to get some cream that my doctor prescribed for me. And oh did I wish in the moment I stepped in the door that I had not called my doctor and lived with the fact that my hands are no longer hands but rather open wounds. The number system spat out the marvelous number of 248 and I look up at the screen to find that the number being served at the moment is 216! SERIOUSLY? And they are all old people – I know that this is frowned upon but I must say that most old people belong in the 80% sector of my people division! They are mean and old and smelly! So there I am waiting and finally it is my turn – YEY free extra lotion from the nice pharmacy lady.

So on my way again to get my watch that the local watchmaker (this word reminds me of the Wandmaker from Harry Potter – for some reason) send in for repair after it last a screw last week. And this is actually where my real story begins…

I walk in the store happy that I will again be wearing my beloved Gucci watch. I walk to the counter smiles at the lady (this was where I first went wrong, I let my guard down while entering a store with real people in it – oh how I love Internet shopping) and says: Hello, I got a text yesterday that my watch had come back from repair. So she find my watch and I am happy and smiles when I realise that it has been nicely polished and everything – though the scratch it got from hitting the ground when the screw fell out is still visible – and I say: oh what nice service (this was my second and largest mistake – NEVER compliment anything unless you are absolutely sure that it is deserving). The lady looks me straight into the face and says: That will be 150 DKK (app. $27, £17,50, €20). All I can do at this moment is stare at her – I expect with my mouth halfway open – and just way: WHAT? So after her asking her boss what it is for – since I handed in my warranty card – and she finds out that is for the shipment. So here is when I sort of regain my sanity and the lady finds out that I am not a nice person. It is not that I have an issue with paying 150 DKK but she should have told me that before she send it in! And she DIDN’T!! So after talking very loudly to this lady for 10 minutes she says that I have to talk to the woman who took it in for repair and she has just left for lunch…

So long story short I paid up because I wanted my watch back – which is worth waaaay more than stupid 150 DKK – and then I have to go to the store some other time and complaint to the woman who too it in in the first place. And I am telling you will get my money back because this time I will keep my guard up from the beginning and not start this nonsense of actually smiling at the stupid idi*ts!

Phew that helped… Stay tuned for the story of angry tears!


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