I’m no Sleeping Beauty.

I miss you too. I don’t exactly have a lot of chances to make friends over here. I’ve only made one that I’ve seen again after meeting her the first time around. Because being away from my own home for two weeks at a time will really limit your socializing time.

And if for nothing else then to help me figure out if the prince kisses Sleeping Beauty as a way of waking her up or not. Yes, this is things I think, but do not Google. (Also I only thought it because someone brought up the fact that I could fall a sleep for a thousand – or is it only hundred? – years since I poked myself on a needle while mending my gloves, but I still continued the train of thought and then it abruptly ended because I am not that into fairytales. And the ones that I like the best are the old school ones and not the Disney ones, as you. And holy crap this is one long parenthesis. I better end it now.)

I’m pretty sure that the reason other people don’t get us. Is that you really have to a twisted mind to get our sense of humour. And people really do tend to forget that we are not nice people. We are mean. We speak our mind. And we make fun of everyone and everything, not at least ourselves. We really fucked each other up for future friendships. True we’ll become friends with other people. But I doubt either of us will have really get the same connection with them as we do with each other. For one thing you and I have been through hell and back. Much more that the casual observer will ever know. And yet we are still here. And I think we’ll still be here in one form or other in twenty years, because we are too alike and too different not to be.

Another reason I could never be Sleeping Beauty? I don’t like to be molested by strangers in my sleep. I would have kicked Prince Charming in the nuts the moment I woke up. And I hate sewing. (Also I suck at it, hence the poking my own finger. And I blame my mom. She sewed a lot when I was younger so my natural instinct is to be against it.)


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