It’s a rainy day in Derby.

So I am sitting here in my room listening to the Glee music you downloaded for us – you rock and by the way there is an extended/bonus version of Volume 7. And it is quite odd listening to the music without having seen the episodes the songs are featured in, but what the hell – and looking out the window where it is raining. Not heavy rain, but enough to make me all depressed and sad. It is not helping that I have to go out in the rain whenever Amy wants a cigarette.

And I think I’m getting a little homesick because I know I’m going back to Denmark soon. And this weather is just reminding me of Denmark. And hot chocolate and movie nights.

I feel like Joey.

I miss having friends, well I do have friends. Over here as well. I just miss seeing them on a regular basis. I miss watching movies at midnight with you. I miss watching the X-Files with Morten. I miss going with Trine to Danni’s place because she does not want to go alone. I miss the Friday Bar. I miss ice cream and Ryan Gosling movies with Ieva and Kuba. I miss everyone. Even the people I’m not particularly fond of.

I miss spontaneity. I miss deciding to go see a movie an hour before it starts. I miss having nachos at three in the morning. I miss Diana and Rikke Days where we watch horrible movies so we can make fun of them. I miss going to the Student House with Trine and Anne. I miss figuring out who left me chocolate in my mail box and cake outside my door (And it was almost always Jannie.) I miss weird shopping trips with my sister.

I miss having my own place where I can leave the dishes for three days if I want to. I miss leaving my clothes on the floor if I feel like it. I miss deciding on my own whether or not I want to leave the house. I miss sleeping in just because I can. I miss being able to walk around naked in my apartment if I want to (Not that I do that often, but once the possibility isn’t there anymore I want to do it even more.)

But on the other hand. I am enjoying my life. I am enjoying work. (Most of the time, but that is no different from other people, right?) So it is not like I want to trade my current life with my old life completely. I just want to mix them without the clean cut I got when I moved over here.


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