Generation “Why me?”

Honestly one of the reasons I say yes to all of these things is because it will reflect well on me. It will show that I care. That I want to make a difference. That I am a better person who can live her life and also have time to give back. But deep down it is also because I do care. I do want to make a difference. And mostly I do want to be a better person.

I blame the world for everything as well. I think that is a sign that I’m a true generation Y. And I won’t deny it. I’m a bit narcissistic, because lets be honest. If I don’t put myself first who will? But I think where me and you and everyone we know – that is actually a movie title, I kind of want to see it – are different, because we include other into the who we are. I might be narcissistic, but I’m also narcissistic on behalf of others. I want everyone I know to succeed. No matter what they want to do.  Well, except for the people I don’t like but only remain connect with on social networks in the case that I might need their help later on. Which in a very narcissistic thing to do. But it also results in some pretty interesting Facebook chat conversations where I have to use the old standby: The Fake Boyfriend.

And because it was Facebook and this guy had access to everything I’ve written there. I made sure that My Fake Boyfriend had plausible credentials. Television and movies have taught me that in order to lie well you have to have all the small details in order otherwise your lie can crumble with a simple: “Husband’s name?”

I present a transcript to support my example. From season two of “How I Met Your Mother” the episode “Slap Bet” (I totally wrote this piece of dialogue down because the internet failed me):

Ted: Thanks for telling me your secret. It means so much to me that you can be so… God! What’s the word I’m looking for. Honest.

Robin: Mm. Thanks Ted.

Ted: You know what’s probably the best part of your honesty? How truthful it is.

Robin:  I say we just move on.

Ted: You know for me to get total closure on the whole my girlfriend has a husband thing. I think I need a little bit more information. Like what month did you get married?

Robin: June. We had a June wedding.

Ted: Ahh. Canada in June. That’s the dream.

Robin:  Mmhmm.

Ted: Sit down or buffet?

Robin: Ehm…

Ted: Wow. It is weird that you don’t remember.

Robin:  No. I just didn’t know how to answer because we did butlered hors d’oeuvres in the atrium, but the actual dinner was a buffet in the food court featuring a filet mignon or a roasted potato crusted salmon with a lobster scallion ver blanc.

Ted: Hmm. Band or deejay?

Robin: Sting quartet played at the ceremony, but for the actual reception we had a seven piece band. We paid extra for the sax cause I just love that smooth alto sound.

Ted: How many bridesmaids?

Robin: Seven.

Ted: Flowers?

Robin: Azaleas.

Ted: Color scheme?

Robin: Dusty rose sienna.

Ted: Husband’s name?

Robin: ….. ehm.

Ted: You were never marred!

Robin: Yes I was!

Ted: No. You weren’t.

Well the scene continues, but my point is, remember all the details.


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