The yes-gene.

Oh do I know that feeling. That tingling you get in your body and your brain going on a tantrum thinking ‘Nooooooo’ but somehow your brain and mouth just stop working together and somehow out of you comes that sound, which we all dread: “YES”…

That is how I got talked into hosting a barbecue for approximately 300 people; suddenly I was in charge of activities, food and helpers. To this day I still shiver whenever I think of that day. Never in my life have I been that tired and felt more used – and I’ve been in the army!

You might think that that taught me a lesson, but no! I still find myself paralysed even from the thought of saying no to someone asking for a favour. You might think that then quite a few people owe me favours but most of the time I find myself collecting these favours to enable myself in yet another impossible task I’ve said yes to.

I blame my parents for this. I blame the people who – when I grew up – told me that I should say please and thank you. Because these are the thoughts and norms that taught me to say yes when other people need a favour. So I blame the world. Not me. Still I can’t find it in me to say no. No matter how stupid the task I’ll agree to do it. And then afterwards when everything has been saved from falling apart – by ME – and I sit on the edge – the edge to insanity – and I get the insane idea that I will receive some sort of thank you; it never comes. I think all the yes’es would be so much more bearable if only they were followed by a simple thank you…


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