I have a fan?

Well I never thought this day would come, or at least not at the childish age of 24. I have a fan; apparently!

I sort of have the feeling that I am subject of a practical joke that does’t make sense. I know nothing of this Emma who is apparently my Dutch fan, well except for the fact that her name is Emma and that she likes the pictures I’ve taken of a common friend while I lived in Vienna.

See these “brilliant” pictures are auto function pictures I’ve snapshot on Auto function and her tendency to like them is probably more likely down to the fact that I after all have a pretty decent camera, and definitely not my photographer skills. Not that I don’t take some nice pictures from time to time, but that mostly happens when I actually work really hard for them and not so much when I’m halfway drunk or completely wasted.

Well I actually found out that I have a fan because our other friend – the one we have in common – wrote me and asked if I would please write a birthday message for this Emma girl… Yeah SURPRISE! Such a strange feeling and I can’t really believe it.

I think I feel this way for the same reason as you think it to be a laughable matter when people consider you punctual – it is just not something I ever thought I should hear. But on the other hand, it totally made my day.


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