Once upon an ax-murderer.

Labels are a lot like boxes, also something people are extremely fond of. The thing is to not fit into one box, but to occupy as many as possible, that way people can’t place you. People see you and put you into a box so they know how to react to you, but the interesting people are those who we cannot place; the ones that leap from box to box and take up more than one box. Sadly most people are happy to just fill out one box. But not me. And not you. We want to be the queens of the boxes and take up more room than anyone thought possible. Because we rock that way.

I say conquer the boxes! As Sandi Thom – who made the awesome and logic defying song: I wish I was a Punk Rocker –  called her first album: Smile… it confuses peopleEither people will think you are silly. Or that you are an ax-murderer.

Speaking of ax-murderers – Amy and I went to pick up some used Christmas stuff she found online for free. She told me it was in a bad neighborhood, but hey free stuff. So just before I exit the car she tells me: “Don’t get yourself killed”. I told her the same went for her. Once I get back to the car alive with all the stuff she motions to a lamppost just on the other side of the road and ask me if I noticed the flowers. I say yes and she then tells me: “They are there because some was killed right there.” And here I was thinking she was joking. I guess you never know when an ax-murderer will attack – disclaimer, I don’t actually know if there is an ax-murderer running around that neighborhood.  

And since ax-murderers are a bit of a sinister note to end on I’ll give you a laugh: People now regarded me as being punctual. And I’m not sure how to feel about it.


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