Should I do an intro as well?

This is the most awesome idea of all awesome ideas. So yes, I totally love it. And it falls in nicely with me bitching about not doing my own blog, so hopefully this will help me to keep that updated as well. Or I’ll just revert to my old ways of being exited about things for five minutes and then be distracted by something shinny.

Funnily enough I’m only right 78 % of the time. Speaking of people we might need to bury. I had the most insane thought the other night walking home from the Underground. I caught myself thinking:

“If I have to kill that guy walking towards me I would do it with a knife. To the gut. And twist it around just for good measure.”

Sometimes I think that there is something seriously wrong with me and then I just remember that I’m no more crazy than the rest of the world. The difference is that I, like you, often embrace my craziness.

Topic at hand: Life is a bitch. And then people tell you how to live it.

This guy sounds like he is used to being right and that people don’t argue against him in his day to day life – This is just a guess, but being a jobcenter-counsellor does not sound mentally challenging, no? – so in the end he will totally thank you for being a pain in his ass. I also think we should buy him this shirt:

I already have it.

Also did he have three reliable sources for why he was right? Because otherwise his argument is flawed and you win by default.

Other people who try and tell you how to live your life:

  • Your parents (Mostly dads for some reason.)
  • Your teachers (I cite Mette F. as an example.)
  • Your landlord (Mine tells me I should not use extra heating in my room.)
  • Your dentist (But that’s just so you have nice teeth.)
  • That weird uncle, who insist on living vicariously through you (In my case; my cousins’ uncle, but same same.)

And the list goes on.

Oh well, I’m off to have my first Guy Falwkes/Bonfire Night. Alone. As most things I do these days. It is funny how easy you get used to being alone. Even when you are surrounded by people.

(Also; I’ve developed a need to use brackets way too much, I’m not sure it is healthy.)

Semper fi!

(Yeah, I have no idea where that came from.)


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